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Hey guys, how are u all doing? Were having a really awesome time here in San Diego!

The weather today is not that great and so were just chilling out at our house right now.

Thursday we wanted to go out again and so we decided to take a party bus, which headed Downtown. The bus we wanted to take was supposed to drive to a club named "Ivy". We accidentally took the wrong bus and so we were finding ourselves at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was awesome there and so we didn't regret that we didn't make it to Ivys. First we were in a club in there called "207" but then we got to know a girl and she took us to a room where bands played some cool songs.

There we met a few other guys, which were all really nice as well

At 1:30am we took the bus back to our university and went with the guys to a after party at their house. It wasn't that far away from our house and so we went home after we chilled there a while.

Yesterday we had a little hangover again and so we just chilled out and went to the beach. We had lunch at Millersfield, which some of you might know from "The Real World: San Diego". The food was really delicious and the atmosphere was pretty cool!

At night we just met up with Monia, Sarah and Lisa and went over to Amandas (a girl we also met on Thursday). It was nice

So now I think we're going to cook something, bye bye!
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