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Getting to know San Diego...

Today we have been to SDSU in the morning, because we had a meeting with our hospitality professor. He told us something about the different classes and how to choose the right ones. He really was nice and seemed very qualified. Unfortunately the university dont offer some classes which we wanted to attend, like wedding management but still there are some classes which seems really interesting. Its our 4th day now and we really wanted to finally see the beach. So we got in our car ( a cute white Nissan) and just drove in the direction, which we tought would bring us to the beach. Yeah it wasnt that easy (as usual) :D . We drove downtown and saw the stadium and many shops and bars.....but no beach :D. Then we just googeled a street near the beach and used our navigation. That worked pretty well and a few minutes later we saw the ocean and a beautiful beach. You can really tell that it is not summer yet, because there were just a couple of runners. So it was really quiet and we totally could enjoy the atmosphere. Though the weather was not that warm (18-20 degree) it still was really sunny. After we ate some mexican food we left to find a shopping mall ☺ We found it immediately and walked inside. After like 2 minutes we saw Victorias Secret and went directly into it. Yes we bought someting :D You just cannot walk outside a Victorias Secret shop without a bag!! Outside some guy came and wanted to show us his hair straightener collection. He wanted to demonstrate how good this things are so he took Selina and Hannah curled their hair. It really looked awesome after he made it but it was fucking expensive, so we told him that we will think about it and left. Back home we watched Vampire Diaries and tried to check out which classed we can choose. We found some Event courses, but unfortunately two of them are at exactly the same time on the same day. So we will only be able to attend one of them :D. Now we are at the point that we wanna choose two event and two tourism classes. All of them seem to be really interesting and different to the classes at Bits. Tomorrow we need to go to the professor again. He needs to sign our classes so that he confirms that we get free seats and therefore are able to attend these classes. Now its already nearly 11pm and we need to go to sleep. We will have to get up early tomorrow, because at 9am we’ll attend the city tour. Good night.
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Susi (13.1.12 15:28)
Vielen Dank für die Blog-Einträge. Ist immer interessant, sie zu lesen <3

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