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First Day - by Janine

Sooo our first day is nearly over. It was a good but also very exhausting one. In the morning we weren’t able to sleep longer than 6am, because of the jet lag. So we were up quite early and had breakfast together and just enjoyed the sun (which was great, because we had already 21 degree at 11am). This house is so lovely! Everyone has his own bedroom, we have a cute kitchen, 2 baths, a living room and a wonderful garden with a big veranda. When I am looking out of my window, I can see this cute american houses and palm trees. Its so different than at home. At noon we wanted to find a car rental service which is also located in La Mesa. So we took the train a few stations and then just walked down a big street which looked like it was in an industrial area. Unfortunately these shops only offered cars to buy and not to rent. We also didn’t find the shop we were looking for, because we ended up in El Cajon (we were walking around like more than an hour) :D. But this is so typically :D. So we headed back to the train station and drove to the San Diego State University, because we had our registration appointment. The University is so beautiful! All clean and soooo big! You really can’t compare it to Bits :D. The Merch Shop really has everything - SDSU hoodies, shirts, glasses, key rings, college blocs, bottles….! They even have their own mineral water! In the evening we just ate something and watched TV. We are still not used to the 9 hours time difference. But I can already say that this is gonna be an awesome time!!!
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